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Art on Glass...A World of Possibilities
Published on May 6, 2010 by BMEX | Updated on May 6, 2010
It has always been said “A man’s home is his castle” and whether you are a home owner, currently in a rental property or living in a family home; our homes are our refuge from the world, our safe place and the object of much investment. But what makes it our space? In principle it’s the personalized items, the furnishings and the décor that reflect our taste and our sense of style.

One company which has mastered the art of giving expression to our individual flair is AA Framing & Decoration. Opened in 2003, the company carved out a niche for classical French style framing which is its signature mark. To establish a name for quality the company ensured it used only acid-free matboards, backing boards, glues & tapes; top quality wood mouldings and U.V. protection glass to slow down the process of fading. Three years ago, the business and its specialty grew and this gave birth to Art On Glass; an art medium through which designs are expressed by etching, shading, multi-stage carving in any given size onto glass or simply frosted with a design. Designs with colour are also offered and these are said to bring life to any décor.

The company’s slogan is “Pictures may tell a thousand words…on glass you will be left speechless.” And that is exactly how you feel when you have encountered the work of AA Framing & Decoration. When you need more than a decorative piece and you are looking for a work of art this company comes highly recommended. Art on Glass is not limited to wall hangings but can also be used as room dividers, light diffusers, bathroom enhancers on mirrors and shower doors as well as custom made pieces to match border tiles.

The predominant technique employed by the company is etching, which refers to the skill of creating art on the surface of glass by applying acidic, caustic, or abrasive substances. Traditionally this was done after the glass was blown or cast. The company also employs sandblasting methods which is also a common technique for creating patterns in glassware, creating a "frosted" look to the glass. In this case high pressure air, mixed with an abrasive material, cuts away at the glass surface to create the effect.

What makes this company so unique is the fact that its accomplished multi-media artist, Erlyn Encina Dador creates her images on glass rather than canvas or paper. Mrs Dador has been perfecting this skill for more than 20 years and brings images to life on glass, whether flora, fauna, human figures, architectural or abstract.

These magical creations are however not limited to your home but will transform your space anywhere. For your office, restaurant or bar, a dramatic piece could include your logo as part of the design and dramatically alter the feel of your business. AA Framing & Decoration has numerous ideas as to how your ordinary space can be transformed to the extra-ordinary. Beautifully etched mirrors could lift your Ladies’ Room or Restroom which can say so much about your establishment. You could also commission special designs for your room dividers or work stations or even create a beautiful light diffuser in the entrance to your office and set the tone for conducting business. The possibilities are endless and the skill is resident right here in Barbados.

Look out for Art on Glass and AA Framing & Decorations at the upcoming BMEX 2010. It’s more than art it’s an experience.

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