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BMEX … The Platform for Home-Grown Talent
Published on May 7, 2010 by BMEX
BMEX … The Platform for Home-Grown Talent - Friday, May 7, 2010

The single purpose of the Barbados Manufacturers Exhibition is to showcase local talent while providing opportunity for further growth and development. Over the years the BMA and its flagship exhibition have been achieving this objective as this national platform became the launch pad for many local, regional and international careers.

In this snap-shot of BMEX 2010 we will take a glimpse at two companies - one which is a relatively young business and one which has been around for over four years; but both of which are looking to BMEX 2010 to help develop their competitive edge.

The Lady Tailor (TLT) is a local fashion house which opened its doors in November of 2009 under the direction of Designer Shannon Ashley. With a focus on clothing and accessories for women, this business is one which both designs and produces its own line.

The style of TLT follows the fashion sensibility of designer Shannon Ashley, a young, bright and upcoming designer with great potential. According to Ms. Ashley “the focus of my work is often based on femininity and sexuality combined with sensibility and comfort. At present TLT’s most requested design technique is for gowns, cocktail dresses and skirts as well as celebrity style recreations, followed by career and beach wear. We also design and produce for bridal parties or simply outfit the bride,” she added.

At present TLT has a small retail avenue where exclusive unique customized accessories such as bags, belts and jewelry are made to fit the needs of their clients. However, this young company has a great vision and it is the intention of The Lady Tailor to use its success in, and knowledge of, customized fashion as the stepping stone for its branch into the exciting world of retail catalogue shopping. In so doing this catalogue entitled The Fashion Factory will act as a multifaceted tool of creativity and accessibility, bringing to West Indian women the designing style of Shannon Ashley as well as other talented designers and fashion related personnel who participate in this venture.

Showings to-date include The Girlfriend’s Expo 2009, The Fashion Affair 2009, Ayana John Soul Show 2009, Ayana John Signing Showcase 2010, Barbados Amateur Model Search Featured Local Designer 2010 and My Big Pink Bag Featured Designer 2010 to name a few.


Next up is Debbie’s Closet, this is one of Barbados’ best kept secrets. Debbie’s Closet, a company bringing totally customized accessories to the market strives for uniqueness in every piece as they design and produce each bag individually.

Every bag is conceived with imagination, and then birth is given as the ultimate expression of individual style and personality. Whether for a formal or casual occasion, the bags created by Debbie’s Closet appeal to women who have a strong sense of their own individuality and demonstrate this through their own style.

Debbie’s is committed to bringing the finest local craftsmanship and top quality materials to the front line of fashion accessories. Through a process of careful materials sourcing, imaginative design, pattern cutting and skilled stitching, each bag is produced with much care and attention to detail; providing a pristine finish

Debbie’s Closet has been in existence for the past four year and much of its work can be found in stores such as Moods & Options and Woolworth. Designer and manufacturer Debbie-Ann Lowe is passionate about her creations and her work and as a result her bags have character and an amazing finish. With bags from small day to day slings, to shoulder bags, to everyday work and play bags. Debbie’s Closet makes bags to outlast the season and accompany you day in and day out. Debbie’s, its more than a bag it’s a fashion statement.

These two talented companies need our local support; check out The Lady Taylor and Debbie’s Closet at BMEX, 2010, coming to the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, May 21st – 24th. 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

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