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BIDC & BMEX 2016
Published on May 9, 2016 by admin

BIDC & BMEX 2016

 One of BMEX’s long standing strategic partners is The Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC), which seeks every year to put the spotlight on some of the best in locally manufactured products and services; amidst the lively atmosphere of entertainment, design shows, food and beverage sampling, and product giveaways that BMEX offers.

 The organisation’s track record in the local market is solid, it continues to work with budding entrepreneurs, often taking their raw material or ideas and transforming them into market-ready products.  Their success over the years has been quite impressive and their team of professionals and suite of services available to various sectors allow them to stand out both as an organization and most definitely as a partner for BMEX. Their hallmark is excellence, their vision is the delivery of world-class locally designed and developed products on the world’s stage; and their passion is undeniable.

 This year, the BIDC is expanding its reach and its efforts internationally, facilitating an inward mission of eight buyers to participate in BMEX 2016. While outward missions have a great impact, the value of inward missions is multi-dimensional and the beneficiaries of this type of initiative way outstrip those of an outward mission. The impact potential for tourism, manufacturing, the national economy and many other spin-off benefits make it ideal; and BMEX 2016 will help make it possible.

 The group which will attend BMEX 2016 spans North America, Latin America, the Caribbean and of course our national ally the UK. Buyers coming in from Cuba, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, the UK, US, Canada and CARICOM will be arriving in Barbados on May 11, 2016. It is anticipated that in visiting BMEX, observing the new and existing products, they will be encouraged to place orders and push the Barbadian brands in overseas markets. The BIDC will be providing translators for the buyers, allowing them to freely traverse the exhibition and pursue discussions with companies of interest.

 The Corporation is also committed to using the four-day exhibition as a platform for pushing entrepreneurial development and the home-grown offerings of local companies. The BIDC is this year therefore sponsoring the participation of five emerging companies in BMEX: Sweet Genius, a confectioner; Lionel’s Sauces and Condiments, manufacturer of condiments; Quickie Deez, a producer of soft-serve ice-cream; Alka10 which produces alkaline water and Trekvoy Art & Literary Endowment for the Naturally Talented, an animation company.

 The wide cross-section of businesses being highlighted in BIDC’s choice for BMEX support this year demonstrates the organisation’s self-imposed mandate to embrace all aspects of manufacturing and production.  While some of the businesses are more mature than others, the BIDC carefully evaluates the needs, the stage and the potential of the business; they determine how they can best facilitate the business and seek to provide the impetus that business needs to either get fully off the ground or to move to the next stage of its development.  The organization understands the need to get maximum exposure and recognizes that at times, without its support, some businesses would not be able to attend a showcase such as BMEX.  The organization has been committed to assisting businesses to represent at BMEX and this year is no different.

 The BIDC has been assisting these companies by ensuring that their product, packaging design as well as promotional materials are market-ready and that their designated exhibition spaces are geared to give them stand-out in the crowd status. They represent the new cadre of entrepreneurs the Corporation has been aiding in achieving sustainability, arriving at solutions and getting on the growth path.

 BIDC Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Sonja Trotman, in commenting on the participation in BMEX 2016 said “For the BIDC, BMEX has proven to be a gateway to building relationships within the community. This year therefore we will be putting BIDC’s services and programmes of assistance on show. Visitors to the corporate booth will be able to browse and take away information on the BIDC services portfolio and will also get the opportunity to speak to BIDC personnel who will be there every day of the exhibition.

 “In addition to the multimedia showcase of what we at the BIDC do every day, we are particularly excited about the opportunity to present live examples of the BIDC’s work in the five companies we’ve sponsored. Entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs especially, could gain some valuable insight and business development advice.

 “And since we’re celebrating 60 years in business this year, we will be presenting the story of how the BIDC has been shaping companies over the last 60 years and how it intends to carve the future in helping companies to achieve their goals.”

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