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BMA And BCC Partner In Business Development
Published on June 18, 2013 by admin


Promoting the development of local business and providing opportunities to showcase local talent form part of the mandate of the Barbados Manufacturer’s Association. From seasoned businesses to budding entrepreneurs, the BMA puts its time and resources behind developing local talent.  And where better to find great local talent than the Barbados Community College.  According to Alan Lowe of the BCC “Every year students develop well-executed portfolio projects with great commercial potential.  Unfortunately, because of a lack of opportunities and guidance, many of these ideas and projects fall by the wayside without a fighting chance.  Therefore, our Incubator Project with the BMA provides the environment and opportunities for these projects to possibly move from ideas to market.”

There are many sides to Fine Arts and since 1996 The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design programme at the Barbados Community College has been facilitating students’ creative and professional development through theory, research, critical analysis, and practice. The culmination of the degree is marked by a major production of work, which is presented at their Portfolio exhibition; this year at BMEX 2013 patrons will be thrilled and awed by the work of a pool of talented students whose professionalism and creativity is most encouraging.

The Graphic Design portfolio showcase has always been of a high standard of design and creativity and the focus over the past few years has been to develop and bring to market culturally based ideas.  BMEX 2013 will showcase elements of this year’s Graphic Design Portfolio entitled ‘#nofilter’, which alludes to a generation of social media and information highway enthusiasts. Students explore concept and media through a variety of visual styles that reflect their personal and professional growth as designers.

 On display will be a range of topics including product development – skateboard graphics, toy design and the use of recyclable materials. In addition, patrons can expect to see publication, design, packaging, campaigns, web graphics, animation, sequential art and TV commercials. This promises to be an exciting viewing and should not be missed!

One of the portfolio projects which will be on show is “Cheer”, a line of stress relieving fragrances for teens and young adults (13-25). This product is a portable form of aromatherapy which can be used to fight daily stress and anxiety. Each fragrance contains key natural extracts which aid in creating a positive mood. It simply has to be sprayed on and the scent does the rest. Consumers can take it with when they are on the go for a quick pick-me-up or just to keep themselves smelling great.

The work of Michele Boucher, she speaks of the origins of this project “I realized that many people of my age group and younger often struggle to deal with school, family life, work and their social lives. As a result of these daily pressures many of us suffer from depression, stress and anxiety. So I came up with Cheer as a solution to help alleviate this problem. The line consists of eight fragrances. Four scents which would appeal to males and another four which would appeal more to females.”

Also on display will be “Game Get Out” which is a Board Game designed and developed by Jeshua Bonus; “Ruce” – an accessories and bags line by Janillia August; a line of skateboards designed by Anna Skuda; as well as a collectable toy which was designed and built by Shamika Carrington.  These are but a few of the lines which will be on show

Also featuring at BMEX will be the BCC’s Fashion Portfolio 2013 where one will experience Cassandra Mottley’s line entitled “Neonesque” which was inspired by the neon hues, paint splatter and street graffiti of the 1980s. This swimwear collection features trendy styles accentuated with rectangle hardware of the same palette.  Made with spandex and targeted at youthful women between the ages 0f 18 and 30, these striking street inspired swimwear pieces will make waves from surf to sand.

Gaynelder Grazette’s line for plus size ladies was motivated by the tragedy of a lost friend which she has turned into a positive “My collection of separates is dedicated to my late dear friend, Alexis Edwards, who was a big beautiful being. She was comfortable in her skin, had a bubbly personality and was one of the most gorgeous persons you could lay eyes on. So my line is a reflection of her personality through the silhouette and the boldness of the designs. The colours reflect her line of work as a police officer, the variations of fabric reflects the two sides of Alexis that people saw; the denim, leather and stretch cotton represents the tough side, while the soft, stretch fabrics like chiffon, jerseys, and knits represents the delicate friendly side that you had to take time to know. This is a casual plus size line that caters to females from ages 16-50 and is all about accentuating all the curves on a full-figured body especially the cleavage area. It’s time for plus size ladies to shine, so take a bow and hold up your chin, ‘cause thin is out and thick is definitely in”.

Amelia Johnson’s collection Fire & Ice is a tribute to the fight against the H.I.V and AIDS disease. This collection caters to the 16-30 age group. According to Johnson “The colour story for my collection portrays mood and attitude; red represents the fire, the anger in the individual’s life when first finding out about the disease; white represents the ice, the cold attitude persons might have towards this illness and black represents the dark times in the individual’s life, the feeling of sadness, hopelessness. So let’s come together and fight this disease with glamour.”

All these projects and so many more will be showcased at BMEX 2013 as the BMA and BCC team up to promote the development of local talent and entrepreneurship.

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