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Furniture & Design Pavilion – Designs With You In Mind
Published on June 18, 2013 by admin


BMEX 2013 will feature a brand new Furniture and Design Pavilion.  Showcasing a number of local designers, patrons can look forward to the latest in furniture, soft furnishings, accessories and so much more.

One of the companies which will be featured in this Pavilion is Wood Wishes; a company which specialises in custom-made furniture and cabinetry. The hallmark of this company is its customized service, CEO David Jordan noted “Our business model was birthed out of the concept that quite often someone may have a space and they want something built but they would like someone to show them what would work best. They may also have an idea of what they want but are having difficulty finding it and so it would be best to have it custom made; that’s where we come in.  We will help you to see the different options available to you and work with you to ensure that you can enjoy that space, our aim is that each space we outfit is compelling and appealing.

“We will be showing our first line of furniture at BMEX this year – Furniture by Nina Caree.  This line has a pallet-like look and for BMEX we will be outfitting an entire living room space.  People will find our furniture to be attractive and appealing and we are confident it will be well received.  Our strength is the fact that we are a small business; we are flexible, accessible and can respond very quickly to our customers’ needs.  We have other designs in the pipeline and our focus is to provide affordable furniture for those with limited budgets.  Just because your budget is limited should not mean that you are forced to purchase something that you are not particularly excited about; we offer affordability and trendy designs.  Look out for us at BMEX.”

A Shev Kalekshan Design

According to Deniese Dennis the owner and milliner of Shev Kalekshan, as a little girl growing up in the church she use to sit and admire the women coming to church in their elegant dresses and skirt suits, complimentary bags, shoes and of course the “fancy hats” and she could always see how those wearing hats had this air of prestige, sophistication and completeness about them that was simply lacking in women not wearing hats.

For her, “Wearing the right hat is like the final touch that creates the perfection we all want, it transforms women into ladies, affords class, a bit of mystery and a subtle sex appeal that draws others in. One only has to look at Kate Middleton to see what I mean.

“At Shev Kalekshan we believe than once you have a head and face there is a hat for you. Our goal is to inspire confidence through our fashion by providing each client with an opportunity for self-discovery and expression. What we offer our client is an opportunity to create something that is uniquely theirs and to force the world to stop, look and appreciate the individual that is you. We are excited to be a part of this year’s BMEX experience.”

So what can you expect from Shev Kalekshan at BMEX 2013? They will a wide range of items including a variety of hats, hair accessories for adults and kids alike, wedding hair pieces, wedding dresses by Shev and lots of give-aways and discounts!

Their clientele include a wide cross section of women as they cater for brides who want a unique hair piece, be it hat, fascinator or veil. They have designed and produced hats for women travelling to England for weddings or specials occasions, for mothers on birthdays or Mothers Day and for women with a special party or event to attend. Their ideal customer is one that is stylish, confident and not afraid to be different and be herself.

Currently their products can be found at Sozo Bridal, One Accord Plaza, Warrens and                                                       Debbie’s Closet, Pelican Industrial Estate. In the near future Shev hopes to be a household name in Barbados and the Caribbean and to be one of the best internationally where fashion and millinery are concerned.



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