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It Will Be Bacchanal At BMEX 2013
Published on June 18, 2013 by admin


There is no doubt that BMEX will be on fire as Bacchanal Times Tent leaves a blazing trail when it premiers its 2013 Crop Over show as the Entertainment feature for BMEX on Saturday 28th, June at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

While BMEX celebrates 32 years as a national Exhibition this year, Madd Entertainment which manages the Bacchanal Times Calypso Tent is hot on their heels celebrating 30 years of entertainment in Barbados. Commenting on the group’s success, member Keith Brown noted.  “We are a Barbadian group which focuses on excellence and as we celebrate this 30 year milestone, we could think of no better place to kick off our 2013 Show than at BMEX – the centre of Barbadian excellence, pride and industry.  When Madd Entertainment started in 1983, we were strictly a comedy group doing satirical situation comedy. It was Eric Lewis, our MADD’s songwriter, who heralded the group’s first musical production Janet in 1986. In 1987 MADD’s first album “To Jenkins and Back” was released and was such a success, that they produced an album for Crop Over every year since.

“We have had several successes along the way, in 1991 MADD won the Tune of the Crop "Road March" with the infectious Tribute to Grynner, and we received the Achievement of Excellence in Entertainment award in 2009.”

“This year, MADD Entertainment will be celebrating 30 years. The members are Eric Lewis, Keith Browne and Kevin Hinds. For any organization to last 30 years it has to keep reinventing itself and MADD will be doing just that with some out of the box entertainment packages which we will be kicking off with a special presentation at BMEX on June 29th . BMEX this year falls on the first weekend of the Crop Over festival, and having Bacchanal Time and MADD there, will surely bring the festival fever to the Expo.” Brown concluded.

Also headlining at BMEX 2013 on Sunday June 30th is The 1688 Collective; a unique Caribbean musical ensemble. Led by its brainchild Stefan Walcott, the group provides the opportunity for young semi-professional musicians to continually develop their craft by engaging in Caribbean and other Afro-Diasporic musical forms. 1688 is made up of several ensembles, with the largest being a full big band with steel, The 1688 Orchestra and the smallest being a five piece quintet containing the most technically gifted performers.

 According to Walcott, “The name 1688 comes from the year the British tried to ban the playing of all African derived music in Barbados. This ensemble is therefore dedicated to memory of those who kept this form of instrumental performance alive as well as a promise to them, that such a thing will never happen again. The group has released one CD entitled, “Bajan Jazz Routes Vol. 1,” which is the only big band steel pan recording ever done in Barbados. It is the hope of 1688 to be the constant driving force behind Caribbean instrumental performance, spreading the joy of this medium to the Caribbean and the wider world.”

Patrons can also look forward to the sounds of Janelle Headley and Kellie Cadogan as part of the Sunday evening’s entertainment package.  Headley, who headlined the Barbados Jazz Festival and performed at numerous events including The Beaches Jazz Festival and the TD Toronto Jazz Festival has chosen BMEX to re-launch; and it promises to be special.

A Graduate of York University, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Specialised Honours Degree in Music, Janelle is passionate about her music. Her performances are eclectic and breezy, warm and inviting, a voice richly smooth, possessing depth and maturity that belies her age. Some even say that it’s unmistakably a Jazz voice. However, many types of music influence her sound. Whatever the label you choose, her performance is an experience you’re not likely to forget.

Kellie Cadogan is an entrepreneur who is continually making her own mark in Barbados and across the region. A performing artiste and vocal trainer for her business East Point Productions she released her first album “The Nearness of You” in 2009.  In 2010 Kellie was named the Jazz artiste of the year at the Barbados Music Awards and in 2011 she released her single entitled “Don’t Panic” a Contemporary Acoustic Jazz piece, followed by a bluesy piece entitled “Forgiven You.”

Whether it is performing, teaching voice or producing her own show “Walkin’ in My Own Shoes”, Kellie is consistently inspiring lives through arts with her vocal artistry, elegance and high performance standards. She is sure to inspire the BMEX crowd on Sunday June 30th at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.  Don’t miss it…

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