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Keeping It Freash With The New Product Showcase
Published on June 18, 2013 by admin


 One of the hallmarks of the BMEX Brand is its ability to present a fresh look. Each year the Expo seeks to keep patrons and exhibitors alike on their toes with an array of new products and this year we aim to do the same. One new feature of the Expo is the BMEX 2013 New Product Showcase.

The primary objective of this initiative is to further facilitate the development of new products while exposing young, talented entrepreneurs. To this end, and to put these individuals in the spotlight an entire area is being dedicated to highlighting them and their products. 

 Through a competitive process, seven finalists were selected to showcase at BMEX 2013. In preparation for the Expo these local entrepreneurs have received varying degrees of technical assistance in order to prepare for the showcase; this would have included mentorship as well as assistance with design and labeling for their products.

 One of the companies in the spotlight is Waldron Creations; under their brand Plant Doc Nurseries.  Specializing in plant development, you only have to start a conversation with entrepreneur and third generation planter Owen Waldron and you will immediate sense his passion for plants and what he does.  With a military background spanning 21 years, he was prepared to give it all up to follow his passion. 

“I have always loved gardening and plants and while I was in the Military I would always work on these before and after work.  Because of my well-known love for plant life, people who were struggling and could not get theirs to grow would often approach me.  I was tired of seeing people buy plants and have them die before they really had the chance to grow.  I spent quite a bit of time researching and experimenting with a number of local flora and I was successful in areas that others were not. I actually felt that some people should have been put into ‘plant prison’.  This fuelled my drive to develop products which would assist with the growth and care of many local plants.” 

 “Currently we are producing four products developed to facilitate plant growth and protection.  What is different about our products is that they are developed with a number of local plants and by-products which are natural and friendly to the environment; we use a combination of neem, bay leaf and nut husk in some.  The oils and extracts from some of these plants repel certain insects and therefore protect the plants.  One example is that people often have problems with the white fly; the use of marigold in our products is effective in combating these insects.  Our products include a Mulch which is good for potted plants, Shine and Protect which is good for household plants, and Plant Food which helps deliver better foliage and helps the plants to flower more.

Another product which will be in the spotlight is the CleverGrocer.  This is an innovative and creative mobile application which aims to assist the general populace with managing the impact of the rising cost-of-living by providing purchasing recommendations that match the consumer’s shopping preferences.

Clevergrocer.com is an interactive website and mobile application aimed at helping shoppers to save money when purchasing their desired items from grocery stores and other retailers. It encourages shoppers to transform the traditional task of writing a shopping list on a notepad into creating a dynamic, interactive shopping list which can be used to receive recommendations based on the shopper’s budget, preferences or location. 

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