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BMEX Exhibitors' Letter
Published on February 10, 2010 by BMEX
The Barbados Manufacturers’ Exhibition (BMEX) 2010 is scheduled for May 21st to 24th at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Two Mile Hill, St. Michael. It will once again be a grand stage for us to showcase our innovation as we encourage manufacturers to create and launch a wide range of new products.

We are at a critical juncture in our nation’s history where our economic strength is closely tied to our ability to manufacture; both for local consumption as well as a foreign exchange earner. This year’s theme issues a challenge to manufacturers and the nation as a whole to recognise the importance and the need for us to Innovate, Design and Manufacture. Undoubtedly, manufacturing continues to offer one of the best avenues to capitalize on local resources, local talent and local strengths.

To demonstrate our commitment to this theme, we at the Barbados Manufacturers’ Association (BMA) are displaying our own brand of innovation by creating a whole new experience at this year’s exposition.

The floor plan and the pavilions have been re-designed to give a fresh feel and a new look and to create more space and opportunities for exhibitors to showcase their products. In addition, each pavilion has been given a Barbadian theme which exhibitors are encouraged to interpret and use in their individual booths and even go as far as creating related products to showcase. These efforts will be recognised with a prize for the booth whose interpretation of the theme is most outstanding. Manufacturers should also note that a prize will be awarded in each of the main categories for Best New Product as we expand on the innovation theme.

The new Pavilion locations and themes are as follows:

  • Food Pavilion ‘Pride of Barbados’ - Flamboyant Room
  • Furniture & Art Pavilion ‘Sugar Cane’ - Main Foyer
  • Fashion Pavilion ‘Coral Stone’ - Frangipani Room
  • Construction Pavilion ‘Clay’ - Poinsettia-Bougainvillea-Secretariat Rooms
  • Spa Pavilion ‘Breadfruit’ - Lower Foyer
  • Services, Regional & Other Exhibitors ‘Festivals of the Caribbean’ - Upper Foyer
  • Kids Zone ‘Bajan Folklore’ - Marigold Room

The Fashion Pavilion, in its new location, will feature local designers and accessories while the nightly entertainment will climax with the Fashion Showings with fashions for the full-figured woman this year. This will be preceded by various musical performances.

One priority for BMEX 2010 is to create maximum value for our exhibitors by exploring and enhancing all possible opportunities. Our Buyers Programme will once again be a primary component of BMEX 2010 and we have been collaborating with regional Chambers of Commerce to identify new wholesalers, distributors, gift shops, architects, interior designers and hotel chains throughout the Region. We anticipate that this should assist in broadening the list of buyers who can provide opportunities for Barbadian producers to develop new markets not only regionally but internationally. Exhibitors are also encouraged to submit names of potential buyers that they would like the opportunity to do business with.

One of the greatest avenues for exposure is through the exhibition’s patronage. Our door prizes are usually a great incentive for attendance and this year we have an attractive selection of prizes. These include

1st Prize - A Kitchen Makeover in association with AP Solutions
2nd Prize - An Entertainment Centre in association with Custom Interior Woodworks Inc
3rd Prize - Art for either home or office in association with Art & Stage Inc.

There will also be an opportunity over the BMEX 2010 weekend for one lucky patron to win a Bedroom Vanity compliments of AP Solutions.

We welcome your interest in BMEX 2010 and look forward to having you on-board as an exhibitor and we are confident that patrons and exhibitors alike will enjoy the BMEX 2010 experience and we challenge ourselves and our nation to ‘Innovate, Design, Manufacture’.

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