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Exhibitors 101
Published on March 5, 2012 by BMEX

Your booth looks great! You’ve won 1st prize for the best booth in your category!

What happens next is just as important as what happened to position you on this winning streak. Exhibitions are able to create opportunities which are often lost due to poor planning. Many of these opportunities fail to generate into successful business propositions. There is nothing more frustrating than a potential buyer or patron visiting your booth and you are not able to communicate with the effectively.

Making the most of potential prospects and establishing your brand starts with the preparation of materials well in advance of the first day of exhibition.

•      Establish, with expo planning team, the number of buyers and/or patrons likely to attend the event.

•      Ensure that you have enough samples or an ample supply of sale goods to last over the period of the expo.

•      Do bring a sample of your catalogue or create brochures or flyers which can provide information
       on your products.

•     TRAIN and train the team which will be manning your booth if you are not there yourself.

•      No matter how great your booth looks, if your team has poor deportment or customer interactive skills,
       this may lead to a negative experience by a potential buyer or patron. Remember negativity gets
       around faster than positivity.

•      Unmanned booths do not guarantee that a potential buyer or patron will make a return visit.

•      If you are creating surveys to garner feedback from a new product make sure the salient information can
       be captured in quick succession. No one wants to hang around filling out a long winded questionnaire.

•      Analyse your data collection methodology to ensure you have all the relevant information required which
       would enable you to convert the lead into a potential business opportunity.

•      Be sure to invite your current customers to view your booth, include the dates, times, booth number
       and location along with directions.

•      Find your own unique method to track visitors to your booth. A great database can be created by offering
       a draw for one of your products or having a visitor book that patrons can sign and provide you will
       all of their contact details.

This Expo is a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture and captivate as much of your audience as possible. Don’t miss out by being unprepared.

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