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Tips to Push Your Products Smartly
Published on March 6, 2012 by BMEX

Tips to Push Your Products Smartly

1. Don’t Oversell
You know your product, all of the nuts and bolts and the labour pains you went through to manufacture it… But your potential customers seldom wants to hear these infinite details. Be sure to provide salient points that are of interest to each target group noting that you may have to change your spiel based on who you are engaging. Check with your customer service department (if you have one) or with your friends to find out some of the more crucial points that buyers want to hear about.

2. Don’t Undersell
Giving a one word answer to interested parties is as much of a turn off as too much. Be sure to provide enough information for them to know how the product can benefit them and the advantages it has over another. Do a dry run with a group of colleagues or associates and get them to critique your presentation.

3. Use of Products
Make your product stand out by providing fun facts on how to use your products. For example if you have a food product, provide recipe cards and have samples available for customers to sample try. Ensure that your labelling includes clear instruction on how the product should be used and stored. In the case of food and beverage always remember to indicate the date of manufacture and the expiry date.

4. Faulty Products
Maintain the highest standards for all the products that you are showcasing. Your credibility can be damaged if after making a purchase the items have a default or foods starts to spoil before the expiry date. Your product is a testimonial to how well you can do business and opens the door towards creating a market.

5. Customer’s Satisfaction
Customer’s satisfaction can make or break a business. Each exhibitor’s desire should be to make sure that every single visitor to their booth leaves with a wow feeling. Persons waiting should be acknowledged even if you dealing with another customer. Your booth and team should always be tidy and ready to do business. Remember you are representing your product and the last thing you need is poor customer satisfaction. 

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