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Welder By Choice - Greaves Works
Published on June 2, 2011 by BMEX
Who could ever have believed, that the words “you will never amount to anything” would become the inspiration and driving force behind the success of Greaves Works.  Growing up, the odds appeared stacked up again Bradley Greaves.  A second generation welder, (his father and two uncles were welders) Bradley never received any formal training in his career of choice. However, as he puts it, hard work and a determination to succeed has been the building blocks for his now thriving business.

The strength and character of our human existence is often the ability to confront the negatives in our lives and through divine and personal inspiration turn it all around.  This is the success of Greaves Work.

“I love a challenge” Greaves noted “and when I was told I would not amount to anything, I rose to the challenge.  I was not a natural at welding and my strengths and abilities would have taken me down other career paths, but I was determined to be a welder and to be a good one.  I believe whatever you do you should always strive to do it right, do it properly – set a standard for yourself.  You may fall short sometimes but even if you do, always do your best and give a good account of yourself.”

For approximately six years Greaves Works have been the producers of metal work, offering the full range of residential to high grade industrial cutting and gouging. From the residential perspective, top quality window grills, security bars and decorative metal work is available.  This is the area where Greaves Work is making their mark – decorative metal – pieces of their work can be found in homes, hotels and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  These include table sets, candle stands and even Chandeliers.

“Dream ornaments call for a lot of care, collaboration and design” Greaves pointed out. “It calls for great attention to detail but we particularly like customized pieces as this allows us to express our creative side and takes us outside the normal realm of metal work. The way we see it, the ideas are a reflection of the client and our work is a reflection of us” said Greaves.

Many in the industry would agree ornamental metal work is where the real challenge lies for these skilled craftsmen. The vision however of Bradley and his team is that when Barbadians hear customized metal works – Greaves Works is the first name that comes to mind.

Customer Service is much more than a cliché for this company, as they strive on being honest, being fair and listening to the customers. There is a refreshing genuine concern to adequately cater to the needs of their customers, even if it means advising customers that metal is not the best medium for a particular product. “I believe it is important to remain open and honest” Greaves added, “We bring our expertise to the client, our work is modern and creative but we listen closely to understand their needs” he concluded.

Visit Greaves Metal Work at BMEX 2011 and experience the passion, dedication and craftsman that is paving the way on the local market for this dynamic, enterprising company.

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