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Published on May 31, 2011 by BMEX
We often say that the youth today, are our future tomorrow.  And while a number of organizations aim to assist our nation’s young people, the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme stands head and shoulders above (all) in developing our young leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Shaping dreams into reality, training and development is undoubtedly the bedrock of the YES programme. The organization operates on the premise that sound growth is a prerequisite for strong businesses and its Entrepreneurial Development Training Programme is the primary tool employed to achieve this end. Conducted annually over two (2) - six (6) month sessions, this training programme utilizes a modular approach and covers areas such as English for Business, Enterprise Development, Customer Management, Steps for Entering the Market Place and Accounts. The Entrepreneurs also go through a variety of workshops including, Protecting Intellectual Property, Time Management , AIDS in the Workplace, Business Etiquette , Risk Management, Taxation, public speaking and so much more.

Ultimately, the programme is designed to build self confidence by exposing young people to growth experiences, encourage professional behaviour, heighten their self-awareness and empower them to confront negative behaviours and attitude.

Another key component of the programme is mentorship. In this context, mentoring is the sustained relationship between the mentors and these ambitious young business people. Through continued involvement the mentor offers support, guidance, and assistance as the mentee goes through a difficult period, faces new challenges, or works to correct earlier problems. This relationship meets several needs including mental and emotional support, developing a positive self-image; close, individual attention when confronting personal and business challenges; direct access to business contacts to acquire a wide range of resources and ongoing monitoring and coaching in the process of visioning and goal setting.  This programme has been extremely successful and the beneficiaries are the first to agree.

While some say leaders are born, other argue that they are developed.  Whatever the case, YES is leaving nothing to chance.  The YES Juniors programme is an entrepreneurial-based education programme, which targets students in the primary and secondary schools. Designed to expose students at an early age to the concept of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Education, it is expected that through this development programme, students will develop self confidence and individual creativity, recognize potential business opportunities as well as the potential to own a business.  This way they become aware of self employment as a viable career option from an early age.

The overall objective of the YES Juniors Programme is to teach students the practical skills necessary to start up and operate a business. From a long-term perspective it will contribute to the development of entrepreneurial characteristics among the youth improving academic performance and personal development.

Ideally, no business ever complains about too much exposure and so one of YES’ roles is to create good market exposure for the businesses under its care.  Initiatives such as the television series “Living the Dream”, which exposes the public to the products and services available from the entrepreneurs has delivered impactful results.  It is therefore no surprise that annually YES facilitates the involvement of a number of businesses in the BMA’s flagship exhibition BMEX.  This year a total of eleven businesses will showcase their talents and their business under the YES umbrella. These include Doll House Creations, Cup Cake Factory, Kosmic Vibes, B You Designs, Fort Lox Security, Nine One Design, Greaves Works, C & A Taylor Grease Traps, Designers Touch, Williams Legacy and Solar Apex.

In the words of one of the programme officers, Wayne Cadogan  “If you’ve got a business idea and dream of becoming a successful business owner, we at YES can help you to achieve that goal through our Entrepreneurial Training Program. We assist you in getting started and help you to grow. At YES, we use proven, practical entrepreneur training strategies that get you the results you require. Let us jump-start your business to get you moving on how to create that successful business that you have dreamt about.”

Together YES and the BMA are building opportunities for young entrepreneurs.  Look out for these businesses at BMEX 2011, Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre June 10 to 13, 10:00 am to 9:00 PM daily.

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