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Published on May 20, 2010 by BMEX
The Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC) is the island’s industrial development agency with special responsibility for promoting and facilitating local enterprise and export capacity.  Its Small Business Centre focuses on the efficiency, innovation, expansion and global competitiveness within the local small business sector with a view to helping develop sustainable businesses.

The Small Business Development Centre of BIDC offers various technical and support services and one such programme, the Innovation Support Programme, provides  confidential assistance for creative Barbadians involved in the development, intellectual property protection and commercialization of any new product ideas that they may entertain from time to time. The Programme seeks to ensure that good ideas are not lost due to a lack of financial, technical or other means of pursuing them.
Several local businesses are benefitting from the services of the BIDC and interestingly these are what some may consider non-mainstream businesses. Artist Jamal J. Ifill, for example, is an individual endowed with artistic creativity and the ability to give tangible expression to ideas through craft creations that are attractive, exceptional and functional. Working with the beautiful and delicate medium of glass he employs “glass blowing” techniques that date back thousands of years before the Roman Empire.
Through Jamal's special skills, transparent, opaque and colored creations are brought to life with the use of a flamed torch; a process from which he creates a true fusion of art and culture.   His variety of hand created pieces includes earrings, finger rings, hair beads, and other exquisite pieces of contemporary jewelry.
Another business benefiting from the BIDC support is “Bajan Beauty Enterprises” a dynamic company which creates their own line of natural skin care products.  Their Mixology is a line of natural bath and body care products that are 100% handmade using natural butters and oils. With products such as the Sun and Sea Body Polish, Ocean Surf Bath Bombs and their newest creation; the Sugar Cake Soap Bar, these island-inspired body care products are a treat for the skin and the senses.  Their formulations are all original blends and are high in vitamin E and other antioxidants
BIDC also provides assistance to the services sector to companies such as Financial Consulting Services Inc. (FCSI), a full-service consulting and training firm.  FCSI provides strategic outlook and business development solutions to help clients meet and exceed their challenges in the private, public and not for profit sectors.   

FCSI specializes in financial and business management and their services include the development of business plans, the implementation of strategies for success, analysis and restructuring of business, integration of personal and corporate taxes, risk management, personal financial planning, coaching and strategic planning that allow businesses to have a holistic view of their organisation. They also provide financial planning services designed to help clients develop specific financial goals and then assist them in reaching the goals by providing advice in the areas of risk management, insurance, income tax, retirement, investment and estate planning.

A delectable company also forming part of the BIDC pavilion at BMEX 2010 is Sinnfully Sweet Creations, the brainchild of Chocolatier Tam-y-ko Ellis, a certified Professional Chocolatier from the School of Chocolate Arts, Vancouver, Canada.
Initially this company’s focus was on sensuous Miniature Desserts and Celebration Cakes, however, only three years after start-up it was able to launch its first line of chocolates – Island Gurlz Artisan Chocolate.  These island-inspired Artisan Chocolates are carefully handmade in small batches, using only the finest quality local, regional and international ingredients, with no preservatives added. Every piece has the same attention to detail and fresh decadent full-bodied flavour. Be sure to look out for them during BMEX2010.
Two other highly innovative businesses which will also be present at BMEX 2010 are  Lasagé , a first class jewelry business whose specialty is creating designs which express the client’s personality and need and Kassava Designs a textiles company inspired by the natural tropical elements of the Caribbean. Kassava Designs crafts functional and durable products using canvas, domestic, cotton and aquatic.  Their products are enhanced with tropical prints, appliquéd and embroidered nature motifs.  Kassava Design’s line of personal accessories comprise, beach bags and wraps, hand bags, and shawls.  Matching placemats and napkins, wine bags, slip covers and accent cushions form their soft furnishings collection.
There is a wealth of talent to explore and a number of trinkets to secure from the BIDC Pavilion at BMEX 2010.  You’ll find something for every taste.
BIDC is a partner in BMEX 2010 being held at the Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre May 22 through 24, 2010. You need to be there!


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