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Published on May 19, 2010 by BMEX
Would you dare to accept the challenge to join an event as a fashion designer without knowing what style of outfit you will have to create or what materials you will have to work with?  Come to BMEX 2010 and see these brave fashion designers who, with creative and open minds, have accepted the BMEX 2010 Designer’s Challenge! The Designers Challenge is a competition designed to create excitement and interest in the ability of designers to create a garment out of unknown materials in a short period of time, so come daily at 3:00 pm to cheer them on!

Models each holding a basket, identified by a number known only to the model, will stand in front of the designers. Each basket will contain fabric, thread, trims, scissors, needle, pins, glue etc.  Each designer will pull a number out of a bag which corresponds with a model and a basket of supplies. After all the baskets have been allocated they will be opened to reveal the contents, and the challenge will begin. Designers then separate into different rooms, where they will be expected to create a piece for their specific model, using the materials given.

The challenge lasts for forty-five minutes, at the end of which designers will have an additional twenty minutes to accessorize and have hair and makeup done to accentuate their creations. The models will then walk the runway before a panel of judges and patrons. This three day challenge starts on Saturday, May 22nd with twelve designers. Two designers will be eliminated in this first round, and two will be eliminated on Sunday, May 23rd. The final eight will compete on Monday May 24th for the first, second and third prizes.

This type of competition challenges the designers’ creative abilities and pits their skills against each other; the aim being to stretch their design abilities to the limit. Each day, the type of material in the basket will change and designers will be unaware of what the end-product is expected to be. Shoes, jewelry and other items will be provided for accessorizing; and hair and make-up artists will be on hand for styling to complete the final look.

The judging criteria for the competition and contestants will be judged based on the following - 25 points for Use of Fabric; 25 points for Originality; 15 points for Composition; 15 points for Fit to Model and 10 points for Choice of Accessories

Consideration will be given to effective utilization of materials, lack of wastage, creativity, colour, balance, how suitable the design is for the model and their choice of styling to complete the look.

It will be a very exciting time as the designers’ talent, creativity and ability to work under pressure is put to the test.  Let the games begin and may the best designer win.  Don’t miss the action daily at BMEX 2010.  Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Two Mile Hill, St. Michael.  10:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily.  Admission Adults $12.00, Children $5.00

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