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BMEX A Launch Pad for new Products
Published on May 18, 2010 by BMEX
The rich experience that BMEX offers patrons is the opportunity to interact with well established international brands while at the same time keeping pace with what new developments and new businesses are breaking onto the local market.

For this reason, not only are new businesses launched at BMEX but companies also take advantage of a very captive audience to launch and test new products on the market. 

One company which has successfully done so in the past is the West India Biscuit Company – WIBISCO.  They have indicated that they will again be bringing some new products to BMEX 2010 to see how they are received by the patrons.

Commenting on what the public can look forward to from WIBISCO for BMEX this year, Sales and Marketing Manager Diane Payne indicated “2010 is a very special year for us at WIBISCO as we celebrate our 100th Anniversary. We have grown and survived because of the support of our customers who have stood behind us over the years.  We look forward to everyone coming out and sampling at BMEX; we will say that one of the products being sampled is an old favorite with a new twist.

What has also contributed to our success has been our ability to test our products with consumers, obtain their feedback, make adjustments and then bring strong products to the market.  From time to time customers make suggestions as to what they would like to see us develop and at BMEX 2010 they will see that we are listening and addressing their requests.  While we are obviously not able to develop every product that is suggested, where it is commercially feasible we are willing to meet our customers’ needs”. Ms. Payne added.

“While we conduct sampling sessions on a regular basis across the island, we particularly like the atmosphere BMEX offers for gaining invaluable feedback not only on the products we are sampling but also on our entire product range.    We are very excited about our 100th Anniversary and we want to share some of that excitement with those attending BMEX 2010.” Ms. Payne concluded.

Another company which will also employ BMEX 2010 to garner product feedback is Banks Holdings Ltd. This year the BHL Group will be utilising its booth at the BMEX Expo for a new purpose. The booth will function as the Group’s business centre for its overseas stakeholders who will be on the island for a workshop hosted by BHL’s export agent, Beverages Caribbean Inc (BCI).

BHL’s BMEX Expo Coordinator Julian King said, “Despite the current economic climate, it is critical that we continue to build our brands. Traditionally BMEX has been used to roll out and test new products and brand extensions. The same remains true this year, however, the Expo will also serve as a vehicle for our export drive as we invite several current and potential distributors and buyers to experience BHL’s portfolio of brands. They will be able to interact with members of our export team and sample our range of products.”

Patrons attending the BMEX Expo from May 21st – 24th are invited to visit the BHL booth in the Flamboyant South room at the Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre for a truly ‘Bajan’ experience.

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