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Set Back or Stepping Stones – McBride Caribbean Ltd
Published on May 11, 2010 by BMEX
Sometimes in life, set-backs can be the launch pad for phenomenal success. One company which has demonstrated this is McBride Caribbean Ltd. After the fire in 2007 which forced them to undergo a challenging two-year climb back to operation, this company has literally risen from the ashes stronger and even more dynamic.

McBride Caribbean Ltd is the leading manufacturer of aerosols in the Caribbean and it’s products range from insecticides, to disinfectant sprays, to dish washing liquids, air fresheners and insect repellants.

What has earned it a place in this BMEX 2010 showcase is not only its successful journey back to operation, but the energy, vibrancy and innovation with which it has returned. One thing that is immediately noticeable when one takes a look at the new and improved McBride Caribbean Ltd is the liveliness of its packaging. The use of colour is very tasteful and attractive, immediately pulling consumers to their products.

Commenting on the return of McBride to BMEX 2010, Executive Director of the BMA Bobbi McKay noted “We are extremely pleased to have McBride Caribbean Ltd at BMEX this year, and there are several reasons for this. First of all this company had demonstrated that determination and character in the face of adversity can set a new path for success. This company had two challenging years coming back to the fore and we were pleased and proud to have worked with them and assisted them in overcoming some of the hurdles they were forced to face. This we believe serves as a good example for the manufacturing sector and there are many lessons we can all learn from the experiences of this company. Many companies may not face the devastation of a fire and we pray they never do, but daily we face several stumbling blocks; and our character and attitude determines the path we find ourselves on.”

“This year’s theme for BMEX is Design, Innovate, Manufacture and we believe that McBride’s product line clearly exemplifies this theme. One mark of innovation is to take an existing concept or product and reformat it in a fresh and exciting way. McBride’s has done that with its product line and has done it well. It’s fresh, it’s attractive and it pulls you in. This is what we are encouraging our manufacturers to do, not only for BMEX but to ensure their survival on the international market.” McKay concluded

At a time when we are all looking for the economic recovery of Barbados, McBride Caribbean Ltd is a bright spark demonstrating that as a nation of strong and determined people we can overcome the challenges and we will rebound. We can all play a significant role in this recovery; when we make the choice to support local manufacturers like McBride and to choose local brands instead of imported brands when we have a local product available, we are making a choice to ensure the recovery of our economy.

McBride Caribbean Ltd and numerous other local manufactures are doing their part to strengthen our economy and reduce our import bill. The manufacturing sector is still extremely vibrant. There are approximately 288 manufacturing companies which continue to make an important contribution to employment in Barbados and which are helping to keep food on Barbadian tables.

So let’s support local manufacturers and check out what they have to offer at BMEX 2010, May 21st – 24th, 2010 at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Two Mile Hill, St. Michael from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily.

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