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BMEX 2014 has something in store for everyone and some lucky winners will leave this year’s Expo with big smiles on their faces. Up for grabs, compliments of BDC Technicians Inc is a complete kitchen makeover that is sure to please.


Fashion… Glamour…. Style at BMEX 2014

It’s always a fashion extravaganza at BMEX and 2014 will be no different. Patrons can look forward to the blazing hot runway to which they have grown accustomed. This year’s show is entitled “Up Close and Personal One More Time” and will feature a team of celebrated designers.


BMEX 2014 Tricks & Techniques: Your Guide to Success

Before the Tradeshow

      • Decide on your main message. Just like your home page, you get 3 seconds to convince
        someone to stop at your booth. You'll need this message elsewhere (e.g. banner) so you
        need to decide what it is early on. Remember the goal is to get people to stop, not to explain
        about who you are and what you do

      • Design your banner and handouts. Printing takes longer than you may think

      • Plan on at least 3 people to work with your booth. You need two people at the booth to allow
        for busy times, to restock items, and to take breaks. Then you need another who can be
        walking around

      • Train your staff early and often. The number one thing people remember about your booth
        is the staff

      • Decide how your booth will be different. Attendees will see a ton of booths, all essentially
        identical. You have to do something different. It doesn't have to be amazingly unique, just


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